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Music, health and young people: Examining BOP Consultancy's findings 

We have always had a (pretty strong) hunch that music-making has a positive impact on wellbeing. Just check the faces of the young people leaving a stage for the first time, or hearing their original tracks played back to them on Soundcloud, those feel-good factors come from somewhere.
Last year we decided to commission an independent report by BOP Consulting to quantify what we already believe to be true: How much does music aid wellbeing and health in young people? And are there any other benefits for our young participants? The evaluation told us...

After being a part of ArtsTrain:

💥 90% of participants felt they could communicate through music, up over a third (34%) from the beginning of the programme

💥 A huge majority (86%) said they like to finish something once it’s started, up 29% from the beginning

💥Almost a third (30%) of participants said they were motivated to try new things

💥 A brilliant 90% planned to continue music learning

BOP’s findings have now been published, looking at how our programmes support participants in overcoming personal challenges to learn new skills, build networks and have a positive impact on their wellbeing, amongst other outcome areas.